Number of dice:                      Five

Ante:                                       None: payment as game proceeds, as below

Object of game:                     To roll the 21st ace in the cumulative round-the-table total - subject to certain qualifications


First player rolls five dice. If he gets one or more aces he keeps it (them) and rolls the rest, continuing in this way until he fails to get an ace. (If he should get five aces, he puts all in the cup and starts again, continuing the cumulative count: there is no legal maximum.)

His total aces are counted aloud, and the second player continues in the same way, adding the aces he rolls to the cumulative total, and so on around the table.

Each time a player fails to roll an ace, everyone puts 1/4-Unit in the pot before the next player starts his turn.

The total of accumulated aces continues to mount, and if a given player rolls the 21st, then at that point fails to roll another ace, he is the winner.

However, as more often happens, if a player rolls beyond 21, he continues adding until he fails to roll an ace. The next player subtracts, and so on, up and down, until finally someone ends exactly on 21. This someone takes the accumulated pot.

As an example, the score might go: 20 plus 3 = 23; minus 1 = 22; minus 4 = 18; no aces, still 18; plus 2 = 20, etc. It can get exciting.