Number of dice:                      Five: only one cup is needed

Ante:                                       1 Unit per round –until player is eliminated

Object of game:                     To get best poker hand in a series of eliminations


This game is another variant of Poker.

First player rolls all five dice (“open”).

Second player, using his discretion how many of the dice to re-roll, must get a better poker hand. (NOTE: in this game kickers do count and may be highly important, e.g. 1-1-1-4-2 beats 1-1-1-3-2).

Third player does likewise, must beat second ones roll, and so on around the table until a player fails to beat the hand passed to him.

This loser then drops out, while the remainder ante again. The next player in line starts the next round. The game finishes with a duel between two players, of whom the winner takes the pot.

If a roll reaches the level of five of a kind, other than aces, the next player gets three rolls in which to beat it, keeping out such dice as he chooses on his first and second rolls.

If a player reaches five aces, the next player only gets two rolls, but if he succeeds in rolling five aces he wins that round.

It is optional to give each player one or two lives before he is finally out of the game: see under Jargon.


This game is best for a small group, 2 to 4 players, as it gets tedious for those who are eliminated early.