Number of dice:                     Two

Ante:                                       1 Unit

Object of game                     To get the most points over 100, subject to certain handicaps.


A scorekeeper is needed, with a column for each player.

Play proceeds in turn around the table, each player doing as follows:

The two dice are rolled as many times as the player chooses, and he announces aloud the amount of each roll and the cumulative total.

BUT     if he rolls a 7, that ends his turn and he gets no score, if he rolls two aces (the infamous snake eyes) he not only gets no score, but all his accumulated previous score is wiped out and he starts at zero.

Consequently, the player has to choose between trying to run up a big score with the increasing probability that a 7 or snake eyes will show and ruin it.

When a player announces that he is stopping his turn, having rolled no 7 or snake eyes, the score keeper credits him with his score for the turn, and announces aloud his accumulated total. This helps the other players to decide whether to play cautiously or rashly, depending on the relative scores at the moment.

The first player to reach a total score of 100 has the option of trying for a higher score or stopping. This will, of course, depend on the scores of the other players. However, once a player has achieved a total score of 100 or more, then each of the remaining players has one turn in which to try and beat the score of the first player that surpassed 100. The player with the highest total score wins the pot.