Number of dice:                     Five: each player must have his own cup

Ante:                                       1 Unit

Object of game:                    To get best poker hand


In essence this game is the same as poker, but instead of rolling in turn all players roll together and the one holding the best poker hand on this first roll is the Capitán (Captain).

The Capitán makes the decision to play the dice as rolled or to start again. (For instance, if he has four of a kind, and the next best hand is a pair, he will certainly call it a game; if he has a straight and three other players each have three of a kind, he will call no game. Other decisions are less obvious.)

If the Capitán says “It’s a game,” play continues as in poker, he being the first player.

If the Capitán says No game, players ante again and roll afresh.

If two or more players have identical hands on the first roll, there is no Capitán and everyone rolls and antes again.

(See NOTE under Poker re “kickers”).

The one tie, all tie rule applies, but with the same exception as in Poker.


Same as in Poker.