Number of dice:                     Five

Ante:                                       1 Unit

Object of game:                    To accumulate the most aces in a set number of rolls


Players roll in succession as follows:

Simply roll the dice an agreed number of times (usually 3 or 4) and count the aces which appear.

The caller must state beforehand whether the aces shall be left out or re-rolled. If left out and a player gets five before using all his rolls, he starts again and may score more than five.

The winner is the player who gets most aces during the round.

The “one tie, all tie” rule applies.


It may be stipulated that whenever a player fails to roll an ace he has to add 1 Unit to the pot.


This may sound too simple, but actually players tend to tie repeatedly at the 3 or 4 level, hence the pot and the excitement build up.